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Soon To Be Your Favorite Distillery

Whiskey has been a part of our Nation from its birth. Wars have almost been fought over it, songs have been sung about it, and legends have been tied to it. Its history spans back for centuries and the allure of it has even led a few to be at odds with the law. It’s the taste and the history. The tradition of making a spirit that has a pride of its own. All of this combined with our own love of quality spirits is what led us into the world of whiskey and then on to create our other special spirits.


Four decades ago there was a vision of creating and constructing log homes to the highest standards and doing it in a manner that harkens to the heritage and tradition of those before us. Old Virginia Hand Hewn Log Homes, Inc. made that vision a reality building all over the United States.


After forty years of manufacturing and building hand hewn, Appalachian style, log homes we understand that a hands on approach may not be the fastest way to do things but it is often the best. Chisels, draw knives, and axes are the tools we use to create our homes and in the distillery we swap these with the traditions of grains, limestone water, and oak barrels. No matter what the job is for the day we always keep an eye to the past.


We hope that you will take a moment to think of where whiskey has been and where it is going each time you have any of the Axe Handle spirits. It is in our commitment to honoring this history that we will always strive to produce the highest quality spirits that we possibly can.


We appreciate you taking the journey with us.

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