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Axe Handle Straight Bourbon whiskey is a high rye bourbon that starts with a note of cherries and finishes with lingering sweet caramel notes. At 93 proof it brings punches through with flavor. An excellent bourbon that won’t break the bank!


Axe Handle Rye Whiskey is a Virginia rye with all of the comforting warmth and spiciness you come to expect from a rye whiskey. Hints of cinnamon and nutmeg push through for a well-heeled 90 proof rye. Perfect for sitting around the fire or anytime!


Axe Handle Gin is an American gin that is a one of a kind flavor. A floral and citrus spirit that subtly highlights the classic Juniper flavor.  From the first sip you will experience orange, lemon, cinnamon and botanicals that really shine in a cocktail. 90 proof. This is far from your average gin!


Axe handle Vodka is that clean crisp Vodka you have been looking for. Our 80 proof Vodka has been a huge hit in our tasting room but will shine just as bright on your home bar. A rising star at a whiskey distillery.

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